Chiropractic Care


Equine chiropractic care is directed toward keeping your horse at optimal health and performance by focusing on alignment of the vertebral column and all major joints in the body. Mal-alignments of vertebrae and joints, also known as subluxation, can affect your horse’s health in several ways. Mal-alignment between two vertebrae affects the nerves that exit the spinal cord and may even affect the spinal cord locally. Altered nervous function of the spinal cord or peripheral nerves can lead to secondary effects such as pain, muscle soreness or spasm, altered skin sensation in affected areas, and this can lead to changes in gait, coordination, and movement of your horse. A subluxation also causes physical limitations to the movement of the affected area leading to reduced flexibility and motion as a result of the joint not being able to move and function normally. Reduced motion and flexibility are most commonly noted by riders of a horse that is chiropractically mal-aligned. Our goal with chiropractic therapy is to adjust all abnormal areas and restore normal function, motion, and movement allowing your horse to perform at its most optimal level. An important part of chiropractic care is the rider feeling when their horse may need an adjustment. In the equine industry there are many different breeds and disciplines that exist. Traditional chiropractic philosophy states that any horse of any breed or discipline can benefit from chiropractic.