Wellness Exams


Your horse can benefit greatly from regular wellness examinations or checkups. Whether your horse is a youngster, a “senior citizen,” or any age in-between, wellness examinations provide an excellent opportunity for us to conduct a thorough physical examination and develop a health profile. This information will help us identify medical problems and any other issues that can affect your horse’s health, body condition, performance, and quality of life.

A wellness examination includes an evaluation of all of your horse’s major organ systems. We’ll use the wellness visit to ask you questions about your horse’s behavior, appetite, exercise habits, and regular activities. This is also an excellent time for us to discuss any routine diagnostic testing that may benefit your horse or to recommend parasite control, dental care, and any vaccinations that may be due. Sometimes, information obtained during a wellness examination can help detect early signs of illness and address health issues before they progress.

A wellness examination is also your chance to ask questions or express concerns about your horse. We welcome your questions and will gladly address your concerns. We strive to help you understand your horse’s health considerations, and we encourage you to be involved in decisions regarding your horse’s health care. 

Finally, wellness examinations help us establish a relationship with you and your horse. Through physical examinations, wellness screenings, and our consultations with you, we get to know your horse and learn about his or her lifestyle, personality, health risks, management, and other important information. Ensuring that your horse receives proper wellness care can enhance your horse’s longevity, health, body condition, and productivity. Horses can be expensive to own and maintain, and caring for a sick horse can cost much more than maintaining a healthy one, so wellness care is a well-spent investment in your horse’s future. We encourage you to use wellness examinations to take an active role in your horse’s health care.